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Connections Between Depression and Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Connections Between Depression and Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Updated at: 27 Dec 2023

Depression is becoming a common issue nowadays, and globally, thousands of people suffer from it. Depression people always feel hopeless and lose their interest in all the activities that they loved the most before. Generally, many people know about depression, but unfortunately, they do not know its side effects. When people undergo depression for a long time, it will impact their physical, mostly their heart. Read this to understand how depression and heart disease are interlinked and how you can manage your stress to keep your heart healthy.

The Impact of Depression on the Heart: What you need to know

Depression is not a disease, but it can affect your heart in so many ways. Depression can be the main reason for developing multiple serious cardiovascular diseases. Such as heart attack, stroke and other heart valve diseases.

Below are some points which show the link between depression and heart disease.

  • Individuals with depression often have higher levels of inflammation and platelet reactivity in their bodies. Those increased amounts can cause cardiovascular disease.

  • Some unhealthy behaviours are also the cause of depression. Such as smoking, lack of physical activity and poor diet. All these unhealthy behaviours are the root cause of different heart diseases. 

  • With heart disease, depression is also a cause of other risk factors. Such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. All these factors also increase the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

  • With developing heart diseases, depression also has an impact on the immune system. That makes individuals more susceptible to infection and illnesses.

  • Sleep is another aspect affected by depression. Disruptions in an individuals sleep cycle, as well as sleep disorders and poor sleep quality, are often linked to heart disease.

  • Individuals with depression may not follow up with their medication. Which means they may not take the medicine as prescribed. It can increase other health issues and side effects.

It is necessary to recognize the close relationship between depression and heart disease. Treating depression may help you to reduce the risk of developing multiple heart problems. Individuals with depression should consult with healthcare providers. People can treat their mental and physical health effectively with care and medicine.

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Practical Tips to Treat Depression & Heart Disease:

Only taking medicine can not help you to deal with depression. When taking medicines, follow the below tips to deal with depression and heart disease.

Always prefer the right doctor for any kind of physical issue. Before going for a consultation, research their experience and check patient reviews.

If you have depression and heart disease, then consult with the top cardiologist in Hyderabad. They will make the right treatment plan, which is considered for both your mental and physical health.

Follow these tips to take care of your health:

Exercise for a better mood:

Exercise can help you to reduce your stress. Do physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes. You can go for a walk or do light cardio. These two will be beneficial for you if you have heart disease.

Take a healthy diet:

Add some fruit to your daily diet. With fruits, you can add some vegetables and whole grains.

Prioritize quality sleep:

Aim for 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night to improve your mood and reduce stress.

Find inner peace:

Spend some time on yoga and medication. This deep breathing technique will help reduce stress and enhance your overall well-being.

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By taking care of your mental health, you can reduce the risk of heart disease. Depression may not be a severe condition if managed early, but it can have a profound impact on your cardiac health. Do not let depression hold you back. Take advice from medical professionals and follow these above tips to control depression and heart disease. With effective treatment and some lifestyle changes, you can reduce the symptoms of heart disease. Book an appointment with Dr. Asif, the best cardiologist in Hyderabad, at 9533620200 if you are experiencing any heart-related concerns. 



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