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ECG Test in Hyderabad

ECG Test

ECG Test in Hyderabad

Measuring approximately to the size of your fist, a human heart weighs between 230 to 280 grams in women and 280 to 340 grams in women. The Heart does a significant job of pumping blood to your whole body via circulatory system while supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes.

The Heart is an important organ of your body and it requires constant care and look after.

Caring for your heart through proper diet and exercise is essential and it comes as an everyday care.

The intake of your diet such as by adding certain healthy foods certainly increases the health of your heart.

As your eating habits make you, there are certain foods that you can add and certain foods to avoid and it is important to stay with a heart-healthy diet.

Fresh foods, fruits, whole grains, cereal, pulses and lentils and fish provide good health to your heart.

With excellent development in medical and science, there’s much advancement in healthcare, especially for the human heart. Among such, Electrocardiogram or ECG is an important test that monitors the health of your heart. Now Available ECG Test near me, it helps in identifying heart issues, problems and conditions. With recommended treatment, you will feel better and good in health.

ECG Test in Hyderabad available at Dr.Md.Asif, an experienced and successful cardiologist offering ECG services.

With over 14 years of excellent diverse experience in the field of cardiology, Dr.Asif has worked with many patients and has successfully offered various treatments with care and treated with his expertise in many procedures.

ECG Centre in Hyderabad at Dr.Md.Asif’s clinic offers most convenient and affordable services for you. This test is necessary at times when either serious or mild symptoms of heart issues appear that cause a concern to you.

Offered as best ECG cost in Hyderabad, Dr.Asif has the required expertise to not only in handling ECG devices and medical equipment, but also has the best advice, treatment and medical prescriptions to safeguard and protect the health of your heart.

At Dr.Asif’s clinic, ECG machines are arranged in every operating room along with ambulances and critical care units that prove as an immediate help for your loved ones.

Launched with a view to help and answer all your heart-related questions and recommend treatments, Dr. Asif has established this Best Heart Hospital in Hyderabad to be accessible to his patients as a timely help.

ECG Requirement

Recording electrical signs in your heart, ECG is a standard and painless test that examines your heart.

Particularly, ECG is necessary to determine and detect the following:

- Abnormal heart rhythm

- Chest pain or heart attack due to blocked arteries

- Previous heart attacks

- Spinal tissue and chronic pain

- To ensure the working of heart disease treatments

ECG Requirement

In the following cases also, Electrocardiogram at Hyderabad is required to be done.

- Pain in chest

- Heart palpitations

- Confusion, dizziness, lightheadedness

- Fast pulse rate

- Shortness of breath

- Fatigue, weakness or a decline in the physical exercises

As ECG is exclusively performed in a doctor’s lab, with specialized equipment and machines, this standard test requires specialized skills of a qualified Cardiologist.

Dr.Asif is a qualified and experienced Cardiologist and is certified to perform Electrocardiogram at Hyderabad.

ECG Procedure in Hyderabad

ECG a regular procedure test done at Dr.Asif’s clinic, you can feel safe and secure. It is also followed by treatment and you can feel assured that you are absolutely relaxed.

The results of consulting a practitioner in cardiology brings you not only an expert opinion, but also an understanding the health of your heart in detail.

Surely, you’ll be able to avoid more complications as you go on with treatment and preventing care.

Facilitated for your convenience, the cost of ECG procedure is affordable and you are able to save more while accessing the best treatment, saving more of your earnings in the long run.

Yet another important aspect to follow, ECG is recommended only when it is required and that is if you are showing any signs, or symptoms and experiencing one or more difficulties in your heart functioning or in your daily activities.

Dr.Asif’s clinic is centrally located in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad to commute easily at your convenient time.

Safe for your family members to stay in good health.